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Garden Mix

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Product Information:

  • URBAN SARDAR is a product for all indoor & outdoor plants.

  • It contains organic sources of nutrients that enhances the overall growth of the plant and increases flowering.


  • It contains seaweed, plant based bio stimulant, humic acid, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, micronutrients & other inherent nutrients (Plant growth hormones like Auxine, cytokinin, and gibberellic acid).


  • It is recommended for all flowering & ornamental plants.

  • Take 20 ml of Liquid in the measuring cup from the bottle, add it to 200ml of water, mix the solution thoroughly, and spray it on leaves or mix with soil.  Use it twice a week.


  • Increases plant growth and flowering

  • Eco friendly and non-toxic product

  • Does not contain any chemical preservative

  • Improves soil quality and yield

  • Contains ONLY Organic sources of nutrient 

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