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The fertilizer should be used considering the proportion and time of the crop cycle. It is best to be used from the pre-flowering stage to the fruiting stage.
Proper precautions should be taken while applying water-soluble fertilizers, it should be sprayed using proper spray nozzles in early morning or evening. Spray should be used according to crop & soil and leaves should be properly soaked with fertilizer.
This fertilizer can be applied in standing crops by using either the drip irrigation method, the leafy spray method, or direct application to the soil.
In the standing crop, Calcium Nitrate can be used twice or thrice as per requirement at the rate of 25-50 KG/acre.
The recommended dose of fertilizer through the drip irrigation method is 1.5 to 2.5gm of fertilizer mixed with per litre of water considering the crop and soil type

Calcium Nitrate

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