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Agriculture Drone Sprayer

Sri Balaji Fertilizers is an emerging Agriculture Drone Sprayer Supplying Company who are committed to provide high-quality drone. Our drones are designed and developed using advanced drone technology to support Indian agriculture and farmers. 
•    Indian agriculture is associated with many challenges like climate change, unpredictable weathers patterns, Crop Disease, irrigation issues, labour Issues. Hence investing in drone make a huge difference on your farmland.
•    Our UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) based drones are focused to solve the major problems including farm labour shortage, time-consuming and non-uniform spray, wastage.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 7.21.12 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 7.22.12 PM.png

Agriculture Drone

We are offering a wide range of drones and their payload capacity range from 10 Litre / 10 Kg to 22 Litre/22Kg. Our continuous research and innovation made us to deliver an Ideal solution for agricultural. Features of our drones are user friendly, long battery life, automatic/manual flight mode options, increased time to spray, ease of transport and many more.
•    The Drone can spray pesticides 40-60 times faster than manual spraying. Drone spraying can save up to 90% of water usage and 40% of pesticide usage. Interchangeable nozzles are used for optimized spraying.
•    Reduces the contact of humans with fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful products.
Our drones provides digital, informative, precise field management for grain crops such as Paddy, Maize, Soyabean, Redgram and other Horticulture crops also so on. Sensors and virtual imaging capabilities can provide farmers with a richer image of their fields. Using our drone and collecting information from it could show helpful in enhancing crop yields and farm efficiency.
•    Drone spraying is proven to be faster than traditional methods in spray applications. Optimized precision control allows the drone pilot to spray seeds or fertilizers uniformly all over the land.
•    Our equipped UAV drone used to spray Water Soluble Fertilisers, and Pesticides. It covers larger areas in short span of time and It is focused to reduce the labour, time, and chemical usages

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